Trust Me, I'm a Storyteller

August 25, 2008

Trust Me, I’m a Storyteller

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Save the Short Story

In a quest to save the short story form, I’d like to encourage others to read more short stories.

Why? Short stories fit into busy lives perfectly. They are naturally short and focused. Some of the best stories offer an acute insight into other lives, other worlds. They often revolve around a turning point or an epiphany that echoes our own lives or the lives of people we know. The very best short stories strike a chord and remain memorable for the reader.

While it may be an admirable aim, who has time to read War and Peace these days? A gem of a short story by, say, Angela Carter, Anton Chekov, Anita Desai, Julian Barnes, Margaret Atwood, Ernest Hemmingway or by one of the many other perceptive authors from all around the globe can have just as much depth, polish and brilliance.

Help save the short story by reading and buying short stories published in journals, magazines, collections and anthologies.

The time of the short story has arrived. You can begin reading short stories right now by clicking on the links below and following the links to the stories.

Stories by

Angela Carter

Margaret Atwood

Anita Desai

Sujata Sankranti

Ernest Hemmingway

Julian Barnes

Round Table Writing

In future blog posts I’ll be including news about the forthcoming collection of short stories that I have recently edited with my co-editor in New Delhi, which is due for release by Picador India in November this year; and also to chronicle my trip to India to speak about this book, short fiction and the ties between Australia and the Indian subcontinent in contemporary fiction, with hopefully some stunning images and more links.

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