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November 16, 2008

The Value of Being Creative

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If you’ve ever doubted the value of being creative, here’s an encouraging article by Hugh Mackay: “It Pays to be Creative”.

games such as crosswords, cryptic crosswords, scrabble, code puzzles, collaborative word games, as well as discovering archaic and arcane words, newly invented words and phrases are not only fun but beneficial for the brain.

Here are some websites about words and/or with word games that I enjoy:

Word Games & Language sites

And why not try some word games which will help others in need:

And for a time-line of English language use:

The World’s Most Annoying Words

This weekend the Sunday Telegraph published an article:

“A way with words we can’t stand” which reports on a list of such words drawn up by Oxford University Corpus database researchers who monitor the use of English in published and broadcast material. Clichés, tautology, redundancies all rate a mention on the list of the ‘world’s most annoying words.

Making the list:

At the end of the day (a meaningless phrase)

Fairly unique (either something is unique or it isn’t so unique doesn’t need any qualifiers)

I personally (tautology)

At this moment in time (now would do just as well)

With all due respect (often used to preface a comment by someone who has no respect for the listener’s opinion)

Absolutely (cliché, passé, a simple yes suffices but I must admit it doesn’t have the same energy)

It’s a nightmare (cliché – overdone to death)

Shouldn’t of (except in idiomatic dialogue or direct quote – this demonstrates a complete lack of grammatical knowledge)

24/7 (cliché and often a exaggeration as well)

It’s not rocket science (cliché, like many clichés it was witty the first few hundred times but not any longer).

The newspaper is asking ‘what phrases annoy you?’ at

Today’s Writing Tip

Sharpen your brain and style with some word games.


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