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December 13, 2008

End-of-year writing wrap

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The Season of Inspiration online writing course ended on a high note. The writers produced reams of work and some very high quality stories and poems. Barbara has started her blog and will begin posting her funny, engaging stories any time now. I wish all our SOI writers well with the next stage of their writing.

Events in Mumbai have shocked the world. Friends in Delhi have been distressed and bewildered by the attacks. One of the authors who contributed to the anthology of Indo-Aus stories has family in Mumbai who are thankfully safe and well.

This had an impact on the anthology, too, with the publisher suggesting that we revert to our original title of “Fear Factor – Terror Incognito”, rather than the more controversial title “Blood Will Have Blood”. As a consequence there has been a delay in production, with the book now being released in January. Our contributing authors have been extremely patient but I’m sure they will all be impressed with the book when it is released.

Co-editor, Meenakshi Bharat, is off to talk about and read from the forthcoming anthology “Fear Factor – Terror Incognito” as a keynote speaker at the MLA Conference in Los Angeles.

The UTS Writers’ Network had another successful year with an increase in membership. Next year, we’re planning more events and exciting developments. In 2009, the e-zine Writers Connect will continue to publish information and news, writing competitions and opportunities for our readers. My thanks to Jeremy Fisher, Susanne Gervay, Carol Mara, Chris Broadribb, Chrissa Favaloro and Adrian Sellaro for all their support and assistance with the writers’ network and Writers Connect. Thanks also to all the writers who contributed to our ‘Writers on Writing’ series.

As the year draws to a close, I’m looking forward to catching up on some reading, writing and relaxation. I have a small pile of books that has been beckoning for attention for some time and I can’t wait to dive into them.

Today’s Writing Tip

Read the best writing that you can find. Read widely and well. Read for relaxation, read for pleasure and then read to discover and explore the techniques and mechanics of the writing.

Have a happy holiday,


Season's Greetings

Season's Greetings


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