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July 2, 2009

Forthcoming Releases

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After a brief hiatus this blog is ready to publish more about books and writing. Lots of good news on the publishing front.

Forthcoming releases

Fear Factor Terror Incognito
Edited by Meenakshi Bharat & Sharon Rundle
Indian edition published by Picador India, July 2009;

Fear Factor Terror Incognito

Fear Factor Terror Incognito

Fear Factor Terror Incognito features twenty stories from well known and emerging authors from Australia and the Indian subcontinent; some are members of our Writers’ Network. Authors include David Malouf, Salman Rushdie, Neelum Saran Gour, Tom Keneally, Rosie Scott, Jeremy Fisher, Susanne Gervay, Tabish Khair, Gulzar, Guy Scotton, Sujata Sankranti, Kiran Nargarkar and many others; with a foreword by Yasmine Gooneratne. The result of this exciting collaborative venture is best expressed by Yasmine: “In English and in English translation, uttered in many different voices like so many rockets launched from different points of a devastated landscape, there rises from the pages of this astonishing book the sound that today drowns every other concern in all but the most remote and isolated parts of the earth . . . The writers in the Bharat/Rundle anthology do not offer solutions. Instead, they lead readers along the hidden paths of an unfamiliar psychology to make their own discoveries.

Fear Factor Terror Incognito cover design is by Anand Singh Naorem, Principal Designer at theIdeaWorks, who is an alumnus of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India. Has worked in the communication design industry for the past 8 years. Has been Creative Head at and Tehelka magazine, New Delhi. And is an avid explorer of sequential art, illustration and the new media.

Fear Factor Terror Incognito will be launched on October 6 at The Hughenden Hotel:
Please see Varuna Alumni Writers’ Blog at

From Nobel Prize to Ride-On Mower which I edited for Swedish journalist and author Gunilla Miranda has been published in the U.S. and will be distributed in Australia. The book will be launched shortly at Gleebooks in Sydney. From Nobel Prize to Ride-On Mower is a true story that reads like a thriller. It is utterly absorbing tale of human resourcefulness and survival. More later.

Another manuscript that I have just completed editing is a translation of an Iranian best-seller Sag va Zemestane boland by Shahrnush Parsipur; translated as The Dog and the Long Winter by Shokufeh Kavani. The personality and daily life of the narrator, Hoori, is vividly depicted as she describes the lives of those around her. Political overtones are skilfully woven in and shown through the effect they have on the characters. When Hoori questions and rebels against the status quo her ideas and actions cause ruptures that can’t be repaired. Due to the pressures and constraints that surround her, Hoori’s personality gradually unravels and disintegrates; culminating in a surreal and an eerie metaphysical experience. The poignant yet powerful ending rivals Rushdie’s stream-of-consciousness prose. The translator is seeking a mainstream publisher or niche imprint for this one. She is not interested in vanity publishing or self-publishing.

I’m looking forward to working on Secret Cows, an anthology of stories by Sydney writers.

Another project in progress is the India Australia Studies Association (IASA) Goa 2010 Conference. If funding is available I hope to speak at the conference. I was asked by Professor Gopal who is organising the conference to assist with approaching other Australian authors to submit abstracts for the conference.

Thanks to encouragement from friends and colleagues, two more books are also on the drawing board for 2009 and 2010.

Writing Tip

One that everyone knows but it’s worth reminding ourselves of it regularly.

Writing is 10% talent and 90% persistence. There are some truly gifted writers out there but without dedication and persistence talent is not enough. Persistence Pays Off!


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