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December 12, 2009

Launch of Book in New Delhi

Newly released edition of Fear Factor Terror Incognito was launched in New Delhi, India, on December 10.

I wish I could have been there but news from co-editor Meenakshi in New Delhi is that the book launch for the Picador India edition of Fear Factor Terror Incognito:

went off absolutely wonderfully.  A release by Joginder Paul, with him commending the book. Renu Chopra did a fine dramatic reading. I will have a recording of her reading.”

Author Sujata Sankranti also emailed to say that the New Delhi launch went very well and there was a reading from her story “An Eye for an Eye”, which is included in the book.

Photos from Meenakshi of the Delhi launch at Oxford Bookshop by Urdu writer Joginder Paul.

Speakers: Meenakshi Bharat (editor),  poet and academic Sukrita Paul Kumar and theatre personality Renu Chopra.

Fear Factor Terror Incognito book launched in New Delhi by Joginder Paul

Sukreta, Joginder Paul, Renu and Meenakshi at book launch New Delhi

Renu doing a fine dramatic reading from the book.

Sukreta at the lectern speaking at Oxford Bookshop New Delhi book launch

Invitation from Picador India to book launch

Next Indian launch will be in Goa in January 2010.


Whisper Words by Neha Tara Mehta in New Delhi India mentions "Fear Factor Terror Incognito".

Media attention for the Indo-Australian collection of stories, Fear Factor Terror Incognito, from newspapers, blogs and webpages has begun.

The Delhi book launch and the visit to Kerala by Sujata Sankranti Rao has gained some media coverage for the book. I’m told that ten media networks covered Sujata’s visit to Kerala.

Worldwide News India
“Whisper Words” by Neha Tara Mehta (please see above)


Jeremy Fisher’s Blog

Susanne Gervay’s Blog

Pan Macmillan Picador Australia Fear Factor Terror Incognito

While the book can’t be imported into Australia as it will be published here in the New Year, overseas readers can buy a copy from Oxford Books in Delhi where it has been given the ‘thumbs up’.


Writing Tip for Today

Try creating a digital storyboard. You can use a video software program on your PC or go to Microsoft Photo Story or a similar website to begin digital storytelling–using pictures, text, audio commentary and music to tell a story.

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