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April 4, 2010

Season of Inspiration

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With a change of season, it’s once again time for a Season of Inspiration. This online writing course runs for 9 weeks and is interactive, attracting students from around the globe. For more information and comments from Season of Inspiration writers, please go to:

We have had writers from Australia, UK, Europe, US, India, Africa and Asia joining us for a Season of Inspiration. We provide support, stimulus and a safe place to write drafts and polish a piece of work for publication. Writers give and receive constructive comments on their writing. Each writer is given their own space to keep a writing journal as well as access to the forums on different writing topics, exercises and journal prompts. Each week, we add more examples, exercises and encouragement. We encourage serious writing as well as playful responses to our exercises and journal prompts. See more at Season of Inspiration.

We are taking inquiries and enrolments now and would love you to join us for another Season of Inspiration. If you need a kick-start for your writing; or you are suffering writers’ block; or you feel like some interaction with other writers; or feedback on your writing, whatever the reason this is the course for you. It requires a commitment of 3 – 4 hours per week for 9 weeks. Many of our Season of Inspiration writers have enjoyed the course so much and have made such good friends with other writers that they have stayed in touch and visited each other around the world. You may be interested in a one-off course for your own benefit, you may be interested in making friends as well as progress with your writing. We cover almost every genre and we are open to suggestions if your genre is not included.

Join us on April 12 for 9 weeks for the next Season of Inspiration.

Today’s Writing Tip.

Writing can be a lonely, even isolated career – join or start a writers’ group. Meet regularly at a convenient time; make sure it is a writing group (not a natter session or cooking competition); lay some ground rules for your sessions, as well as for giving and receiving constructive comments;  make sure you actually write every week. A writing group can provide much needed impetus and fellowship for writers. You may need to do a bit of research to find one that suits you but it can be a wonderful way to share your writing. Start or join a writers’ group today.


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