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July 18, 2010

100 Years, A Simpler Life and a Garden ramble.

The Mitchell Library – 100 Years Exhibition

The Mitchell Library is a repository for all kinds of  historical artefacts, documents and rare items from Australia’s European settlement. From colonial times through to more recent history, as well as some Indigenous contributions, it forms a unique collection that will fascinate any researcher of history, literature, memorabilia and society.  The Mitchell is bringing 100 years to you at:

More about the Mitchell Library.

Simpler Times in Peats Ridge

Congratulations to Peter FitzSimons on his latest book “A Simpler Time”.

I’ve known Peter’s family for some years and had the pleasure of knowing and interviewing his mother, Helen. She was a unique, genuine and very practical woman with a great spirit of generosity and sense of community. It’s great to read about life in Peats Ridge, an area I know well, in those simpler times.

A Simpler Time

By Peter FitzSimons

HarperCollins Australia

RRP: $35.00

Listen to an ABC Radio National interview on Life Matters 7th July with Peter FitzSimons:

Inspiration from Gardens, Parks and Bush Walks.

Sunny winter days are perfect for walks in gardens, parks and the bush. It is restorative for the body, mind and soul. Appreciating nature and taking time to observe can and has inspired the imaginations of storytellers, poets, scientists and children for centuries.

Garden is another word for ‘paradise’ take time to put a bit of paradise into your day and allow your senses to revel in the sights, scents, sounds and sensations of a garden.Try a Haiku walk where you turn observations into Haiku; or write an Octopoem or Colour Poem to capture the sensory aspects of the season. Make use of the quick word sketch to pin your bit of paradise on paper to use later in a story or poem. The sun gives light, warmth, growth and life–enjoy the sunshine!

If you can’t get out into the garden, try a virtual walk through this one!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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