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January 13, 2017

Travel Purist – immersive travel tailored for you.

Travel Purist is a digital nook for the immersive traveller and culture vulture.

Occasionally, I have written about travel on this blog. In 2017, in addition to my own posts, I intend to include links to some great travel blogs that I’ve discovered;  as well as blogs about writing, editing and publishing.

If you enjoy planning a personal journey, especially to Asia or North America that takes the ‘road less travelled’, take a look at this blog. Sometimes heading off on your own can bring serendipitous moments – and you meet local people.

A tab labelled “Interest” lists travel under topics such as: Art, Culture, Heritage, Hotels and Literature

So, if you are a travel purist who seeks the heart of your destination. If you consider travel a personal journey ruined by selfie sticks, bucket lists and travel evangelists. If you’re tired of trawling the internet for special interests or travel needs. Travel Purist is a great place to start.

I had the most wonderful time with Janhavi, who showed me out of the way places, villages and communities. I also learned where to have the most delicious, aromatic coffee and enjoyed the best tomato pasta ever! It so helps to be in the know. I also found Janhavi’s Moon “Mumbai & Goa” a wonderful guide when in Mumbai.



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You can write in with your queries to Travel Purist and they’ll help you plan your trip!

Travelpurist reviews hotels, restaurants, bars, travel services, cultural events and relevant products. If you would like a review of your property, service, product or event, please read the policy on the blog first. If you’re in agreement with it, Travelpurist would be happy to do so.

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I happily declare that I’ve personally met Janhavi and benefitted from her guidance but I have no financial or other interest in Travel Purist. This is purely my personal view and experience.

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