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January 6, 2011

Make Money from Magazines with your Stories this holiday



Happy New Year, one and all.


Have you spent too much over Christmas?

Want to make a bit of spare cash during the holiday break?

Have you got a true story that you want to share in a newspaper or magazine but you don’t know how to go about it?

FamousFeatures Press Agency

“The leading online national news and story agency offering features, news, and other media services”. They specialise in real-life or human interest news and features.

FamousFeatures offers a “fast, friendly, and completely free service to help you get the most from selling your true story to newspapers and magazines. Only true, real-life stories, photos and news articles. No fiction stories. You can make money for yourself or a charity; Get publicity or raise awareness; Appear in your favourite magazine”.

FamousFeatures “sells stories to all of the top national magazines & newspapers, including: That’s Life Magazine, Take a Break Magazine, Love It Magazine, Bella, Best, Chat, News of the World and Fabulous Magazine, Closer Magazine, Pick Me Up, the Daily Express, The Sun, and so on…”

You don’t even need to write the story, you can sell a story and earn cash by following the three steps on their FamousFeatures website.

They always looking for stories and ideas, whether from freelancers or other journalists and will place the stories in publications on behalf of freelancers and divide the fee as appropriate.  FamousFeatures is particularly looking for real-life stories from a woman’s perspective that would be suitable for the UK woman’s magazine market.

FamousFeatures Blog

Yet another reason to get motivated this year!

Happy writing,


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